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2019 Staff

Acting Principal: Nikki Priestman

Wellbeing Co-ordinator: Pauline Knight

NIT/Music/Choir: Charlotte Holmes

NIT / Japanese: Lisa Peck

NIT / PE: James Rooney

REC / YR1: Cheryl Pettigrew

REC / YR1: Sam Moore

REC / YR1: Lesley Payne

YR 2/3: Kylie White

YR 2/3: Angela Kinnedy

YR 4/5: Vanessa Solito

YR 5/6: Ashleigh Ruediger

YR 6/7: Jamie Gartner

SSO's and Administration

Finance Officer: Sharon Hunt

Admin Officer: Leigh Antonello

PCW: Mary Ackers

Groundsperson: Peter Lucantoni

Class Support: Linda McKaye
Class Support: Mary-Anne Emmanuele
Class Support: Michelle Horsler
Class Support: Rosie Zilys
Class Support: Jackie Payne
Class Support: Trudy McConville
Class Support: Stacie Martin
Class Support: Celeste Cava

IT Support:  Edcomtec

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